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YES 2018 420

YES 2018 420

YES 2018 420

The design that woke up the industry.


Flex: Medium

Shape: Directional

Camber Profile: Multi Camber

Terrain: Powder/Freeride

Width: Mid-Wide

Regular Price: $649.00

Sale Price: $389.40

Save: 40%

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This board is all about surface area displacement to create float and stability in a package that has much less swing-weight due to its dramatically shortened length. It’s wide and weird. And while it’s becoming less weird with all the copycats out there, nothing will put a smile on your face like a 420. This year you’ll see even more smiles as we’ve added a narrower, shorter 145 to the series for those nimble, smaller footed shreds.


FLEX: 3.5

RIDERS: Quiver Lovers

SHAPE: Directional Weird


OUTLINE: Radial Tapered

Inspired by Steve Lis, and 420 the revolution that occurred when kneeboards influenced surfboard design. Powder is all about speed and flotation. Displacement of a board’s volume is affected by more than just length. With the 420 for example, we’re able to get the stability and float normally associated with much longer boards by punching out the waist width and drastically chopping the length. The 148 for example has the same circumference and base surface as a traditional 160, but it’s mass is located much closer to your feet resulting in more maneuverability and far less swing weight

A slight taper (12mm) helps keep the nose up without loosing the tail’s ability to hold in hard-pack. Stance is only slightly set back from center of effective edge because the difference in nose and tail shovel keeps you from going over the nose.


BASE PROFILE: PowRock 6-0-2


CORE: Weightless Core

 Weightless Core

Designed specifically for the 420 and 20/20. The weightless core strikes a critical balance between lightweight and strength. Using a lower density species of Poplar in areas that are not as structural and Paulownia in the areas that are, we’re able to shave precious weight off our beloved 420 and now the 20/20. This helps a board not only float, but “feel” floaty.


GLASS: Triax


BASE MATERIAL: Sintered Spec

SIN·TER VERB \ˈSIN-TƏR\ transitive verb: to cause to become a coherent mass by heating without melting

This is the term we use and is the grey zone many companies play in. We call it Sintered Spec because it’s hardness and chemical properties are very close to true sintered and it’s on-snow performance is also very close to true sintered - but it’s formed using the extrusion process. How? – Well the raw material is actually pre-consumer recycled (meaning it never left the factory) sintered base material. So while the heating and extrusion process has softened it slightly, it’s still much harder than true Extruded.


DESIGNED IN CANADA: Design and prototype testing takes place in British Columbia Canada. The snowboards are manufactured globally with sustainability in mind. 





Non Traditional Sizing Guidelines

Used on the Optimistic, 420, 420 PH, and the 20/20

These boards defy any notion of traditional length and width. After we designed the 420, we proved that width does provide much of the stability we have always associated with length. Also, that with careful study and development of our sidecuts, we can create a board that is highly responsive and holds an edge better than the traditionalists would have you believe. This realization has influenced several designs that followed.


The 420: This is all about volume or surface area displacement to create float and stability in a package that much less swing-weight due to its dramatically shortened length. Anyone over 175lbs / 80kg will be right at home on the 152. Its surface area and therefore floatation is similar to the Basic 161-163W, but in a far more maneuverable package. So it “feels” more like a 156. Anyone under 170lbs / 80kg will want to be on the 148. Its surface area is similar to that of a Basic 159, but when you ride it, it’s as easy to throw around as a 149-152cm board.