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Precision, Power and Pure Pleasure


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Built around the principal that customization and a smooth, responsive flex pattern are both paramount, the Katana is powered by Rome-exclusive technology like the PivotMount 2.0, the AsymWrap heelhoop, and V-Rod Ultra light baseplates.  The full technology package delivers better board feel and increased comfort in your connection.  Forriders who demand an ultra-responsive binding for agile peak to park performance, the Katana brings razor sharp precision to anything in its path.


Flex: 6

Tweakable / Powerful



PivotMount Max Technology

We created our PivotMount Max on the Katana and Targa, and for this year we’ve added our new PivotMount on the Vice and Guild. The goal is to make it super easy to move where your ankle strap sits on your ankle so you can adjust toeside response. Just loosen a screw and snap the PivotMount’s arm into different positions. In addition to asymmetric options that riders can explore, we suggest three primary positions:

  1. Run your straps in the LOW position for maximum tweak

  2. Run your straps in the MID position for a balance of power and freedom (this is the default setting)

  3. Run your straps in the HIGH position for driving max power into your toeside edge.


Yes, I Cant

Our mid and high-end models come with two sets of easily interchangable inbase pads. One set features 0- degrees of canting and one set of 2.5 degrees of canting. Canting adds power over the nose and tail (perfect for rockered boards), and it keeps wide stances more comfortable in the knees.


Cant-in-the-Back II

In our high-end bindings like the Katana and Targa, we include the finer, more detailed points of customization for those riders who want to optimize performance like you would by tuning the engine of a sports car. Since the angle of your lower leg changes with the width of your stance, we let riders adjust highback canting to keep the highback in seamless contact with the back of your boot. The result is more direct control over your snowboard.


Katana Highback

Added coring with more structure on the lateral side for a superlight, flexible shape that keeps power where you need it.


Asymwrap Heel Hoops

We integrate aircraft-grade aluminum into our bindings in order to optimize our Flex-With-Pop approach to binding design. Featuring our signature UnderWrap design, our heel hoops wrap under the baseplate in the front to leverage rider power into the heel edge and drive power down the rails into the toe edge. With a torsionally flexible profile, our heel hoops keep your interface smooth, surfy and tweakable side to side. More than other bindings, our UnderWrap-powered design delivers:

  1. Edge-to-Edge Power

  2. Side-to-Side Tweak and Flow


V-Rod Baseplates

Drive power and flex with a small footprint. With our V-Rod Ultralight Baseplate and the V-Rod Baseplate we maintain a powerful connection between your big toe and the lateral side of your heel, while at the same time we lift the other two corners and increase SubBase dampening materials. We do this to engineer our baseplates to deliver proper flex:

  1. Edge-to-Edge Power from the “rod” of edge to edge contact

  2. Flow and Tweak from the raised baseplate corners and added dampening material

  3. Minimal baseplate contact to board for more natural board flex (the V-Rod Ultralight leads the industry with only 1.56% of baseplate contacting the board)


Ultralight Ankle Strap

The injected EVA pad delivers the comfort and lightness, while the centerline of support locks into a hex pattern for a system that creates a smooth, comfortable flex for all styles of riding.


Conformgrip 2.0 Toe Strap

The ConformGrip 2.0 continues our legacy of designing industry-leading toe straps. With this latest iteration of our approach of creating straps that conform to any boot’s toe shape, we maximize our use of high-friction over-molded material to stretch and lock into place over the toe of your boot. The results is more foot control with less pressure, for maximum comfort.


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Rome’s Lifetime Binding Warranty:
Rome will replace any binding part or component due to a manufacturing defect. We will provide a part first and foremost that replicates the original performance; we will do our best to match the color and era of binding, but functional on-hill performance is the limit and intent of this warranty.