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Camber Profile: Camber

Terrain: All Mountain Freestyle

Width: Regular

Regular Price: $490.00

Sale Price: $294.00

Save: 40%

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Freestyle riding is ever-evolving, that is why Lobster developed the Freestyle Snowboard to keep up with the madness. Featuring Twin TBT, the Freestyle Snowboard is perfectly balanced with twin-to-tail camber and 3D base profiling in the tips. This creates a ride that is poppy and powerful, yet forgiving and loose - perfect for getting after it in the park and all over the mountain. Take your freestyle shred to the next level with the 2015 Lobster Freestyle Snowboard.

Rocker Type
Twin TBT - Twin TBT is perfect for those who expect a perfect balance between performance on jumps and jibs. To achieve this, Lobster combined a more noticeable tip-to-tail camber with a reasonably wide centerbase section (the centerbase is slightly wider than the sidebases). Twin TBT therefore retains a wide enough centerbase for presses and landings to stay effortless and solid, but now that is more equally balanced with the requirement for the sidebases to be wide enough and the flat base contact lengths long enough to result in a board that is stable on high speed run ins. This makes Twin TBT suitable for riding all kinds of parks and terrain.

Flex Rating: 4 - A medium flex, designed for freestyle and all-mountain riding. Stable for jump and great for pressing jibs.

Pop Core - Full poplar wood core. Flexible, with good elastic properties for presses and pop. It may be bendy, but the full poplar beat all the breakage tests.

Carbon Bi-Ax Laminate - Bi-ax laminates over and under the wood core include fiberglass layers aligned in two directions at 45˚ to the edges. This creates an easy and forgiving flex, which allows you to really feel the terrain. The added carbon inlay gives this deck a metric ton of pop.

Sintered Base - Fast! Great wax absorption and as hard as nails. These bases come with factory wax already infused. Top it off regularly to get the most out of the base.
Die-cut Base - Base color displayed may not be available. Base colors may vary.

Lightning Edge - Thinner lightning edges enable you to carve with more feeling and precision, and they weigh less.

Binding Compatibility
Party Pattern 4x2 - The 4x2 / 24 pattern offers maximum precision for your binding's position with 22 inserts for a large total stance width range.