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Camber Profile: Multi Camber

Terrain: Powder/Freeride

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Sale Price: $269.99

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WIzArd StIck

What’s new?
We’ve blended old and new! The shape is what denes this board. There’s nothing better than riding something that looks cool, and sometimes that doesn’t just mean the graphic on the same old looking board. This shape is going to make people automatically think that it’s a powder board. They’re wrong.
This is NOT a tapered board.
This is NOT a board with a short little tail.
This is NOT a powder specic snowboard.
This IS a freestyle snowboard that will excel in powder conditions.
Take a quick trip down memory lane and remember that the forefathers of the freestyle movement in snowboarding were riding boards that looked much like this. Combine that retro shape with today’s freestyle technologies and we have something completely new on our hands!
But, for those that just can’t ignore it, and to help make it harder for people to wrap their mind around this being a free-mountain-all-style board, we’ve added some extra inserts set way back so you CAN rip it on those inevitably awesome pow days!
The Wizard Stick is also our second model in our rst season with hybrid cambers. Keeping with combining old and new, with the ‘hybrid camber 2’ we’ve combined the pop and responsiveness that you expect from traditional camber and the forgiving, easy ride that you’ve come accustom to if you’ve been riding reverse camber. We’ve focused the camber in the middle of the board and extended the reverse camber from the outside of the inserts to the tips.

What’s tried and true?
There is nothing tried and true about this model except the material that it is made of. We’re excited to be heading into the unknown with this one!

The graphic story:
Picture yourself ripping laps in slushy spring time snow, riding side hits and getting sideways on a couple of jibs in the park, and probably snatching a beer you have stashed in the woods in between laps; this is the inspiration for this graphic. Good times drinking beer and doin’ stupid shit with your friends. Like playing a drinking game where you try to drink your height in beer, only then to dub yourself with the imaginary status of wizard… who does that, right?