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Camber Profile: Multi Camber

Terrain: All Mountain Freestyle

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What’s new?
The Kwon gets a makeover in the camber department and becomes one of DWD’s rst oering to the hybrid camber catagory. The type of Hybrid that we’re using in this board is based o of the idea of trying to harness the energy and responsiveness between the feet that traditional camber snowboard produces, but not kick your ass at the contact points. Think smarter, not harder!

What’s tried and true?
Even with this switch to hybrid/double camber it maintains an all mountain FREESTYLE board at its foundation. Je rides the side-country and back-country with an eye that was inspired by the mid 90’s freestyle movement and believes in being able to ride the ENTIRE mountain as the natural snowboard park that it is. This demands a board that is responsive enough to get you down a technical chute or pillow line, but playful enough to press a log or jib a tree that may also be in a line.

The graphic story:
Teaming up again for 14/15, Je developed this graphic with our close friend, Jesse Williams. Jesse has done the past two Kwon graphics and now the 14/15 Brat, as seen earlier. (He’s been involved for so long now that he is denitely a DWD family member!) When you’re out on your snowmobile, or trudging through the woods with your friends in the middle of winter, it’s hard not to think that this might have been what it was like in the wild-west era of the American cowboys. We can imagine that the peace and solidarity experienced on the open range was much like the gratifying feeling we all get when we’re out in the backcountry. Parallel to this, the saloons full of debauchery and good times that were awaiting them in the nearest township are like our nearest lodge or chalet bar! No stranger to all of the above, Je used that as his inspiration while developing the concept for his 14/15 promodel.