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Camber Profile: Reverse Camber

Terrain: Powder/Freeride

Width: Wide

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Watch the Exclusive Source On Snow Staff Review of the Capita 2016 Spring Break Slush Slasher

One of the most amazing and subtle beauties of riding powder is the absolute silence as you glide from turn to turn. Aside from your heartbeat and breath, there is a rare tranquility, almost like the sound of a seashell to your ear. Absolute peace.

When I experience this sensation I like to envision the shape of the snowboard beneath my feet and how it glides through the snow. I like to feel how the snow is pushed from the edges and how the shape cuts and glides as it reacts to the snow, terrain, and your body’s movement. From these moments new shapes and designs come into my mind and the process of new board creation begins.

Since 2010, my obsession with building unique snow craft has not wavered. This silent flight through powder has been my pursuit since the Spring Break experiment’s inception. Working closely with the CAPiTA design team for our second collaborative effort, I am confident to say we have created the most unique and well-crafted powder displacement vehicles in the world. Take a vacation fromconventional snowboard design and try something new. I look forward to experiencing the silence of deep powder and I know you will enjoy these snowboards as much as I do.

- Corey Smith

Suns out, guns out kids – it’s Piña Colada time! No snowboard in the history of snowboarding was designed to make party like these bad boys. From mid-winter to the spring or summer, if the sun is shining and there’s something to slash, these babies want to do the slashin’. With a wide-body chassis and our Surf Rocker camber configuration, the Spring Break Slush Slashers are your affordable tool to the most memorable and fun days spent ripping around with your bros.

  • NEW RFC Sustainable Core
  • Form 6 Fiberglass Configuration 
  • HMC Extruded Base  
  • Level 6 DeepSpace™ Silkscreen Topsheet  
  • Multitech™ Silkscreen + Die-cut Base 
  • PLT Topsheet Technology  
  • 360 Degree Steel Edges  
  • 4 x 2 Inserts  
  • NEW Inlayed Tail Alloy Skid PlateImage title

Image title