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There is no freestyle park board that is more versatile than the Evil Twin.


Flex: Medium

Shape: Twin

Camber Profile: Camber

Terrain: All Mountain Freestyle

Width: Regular

Regular Price: $580.00

Sale Price: $348.00

Save: 40%

Availability: Out of stock

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There is no freestyle park board that is more versatile than the Evil Twin. It's no coincidence that this board has been in the line since day one. Our development in 3BT™ shaping with the addition of SideKick™ Tips have led to a new shape on a legendary board, overhauled to be your go to snowboard.



Triple Base Technology: (More Info Below)

  • Triple Base Technology is based on a three-dimensional shaped nose and tail. Both are divided into three sections: a toeside base section, a center base section and a heelside base section. The nose and tail base sections are slightly uplifted, similar to a skateboard’s concave.
  • When fully laid into a turn, the board’s entire effective edge forms a complete arc with the snow surface, providing unparalleled edge hold. The uplifted base makes the board forgiving so there is less chance of random edge catch. Your snowboard naturally wants to turn downhill.

Twin 3BT: Shaped with a wide centerbase, true twin outline and base uplift that begins at the binding edge. The base uplift angle is mellow, but it still offers a loose jib feel while the wide centerbase aids stability on takeoffs, landings, in presses and at high speeds. Designed for terrain parks and overall freestyle riding.

Core Core Bamboo: Full poplar wood core with bamboo laid tip to tail along the inserts to improve the jib, jump and freestyle performance. Bamboo is a strong, yet light addition that produces powerful pop and a stable backbone without disrupting the silky smooth lateral flex. 

Hyper Glide S: Our standard sintered base that's tough and fast, and even faster when waxed.

Triax Fiberglass: Our traditional and time tested three way weave of fiberglass, made light, strong, and responsive. 

Basalt Stringers: Basalt is explosive rock power from the earths core. Like carbon and kevlar, basalt is strong, light, snappy and more affordable. 

Flip Flop Base



For over a decade, Bataleon has been the industry leader in 3D shape technology. We’ve tinkered and developed our patented 3BT shapes, creating boards with traditional camber and lifted contact points, making snowboarding more enjoyable for all. Hand built in Austria by the best snowcrafters in the world, Bataleon will always push the envelope in snowboard design and performance.



Bataleon Snowboards are built using the most advanced manufacturing techniques and only the finest materials. They provide a 2 years limited warranty against manufacturing defects, from the original date purchased from an Authorized Bataleon Dealer.